CD Exchange

Hi Y’all–Hopefully this will attract some strangers, too, as I currently have a total of 3 readers…

I would like to propose an exchange of music, via the archaic method of sending CDs through the mail. I have approximately 500 CDs, but there are plenty that I want and don’t have, and I’m sure there’s something I’ve got that you want! I will be posting 2 lists in the next day or two–What I’ve Got and What I Want. I am, of course, open to things I don’t have listed on the What I Want list, as that list is always changing (and completely dependent on what comes to mind).

Any takers, comment here or email me at If I don’t know you, to ensure as little wasted postage as possible, I’d suggest a 2-for-2 exchange to start off with.


By saltgirlspeaks

I am a ridiculous person. And so are you.

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