Don’t You Hate It When…

…your best friend casually drops into conversation–as casually as I’d mention having once waited on Al from Quantum Leap–that she met Hunter S. Thompson? And furthermore, did mushrooms at his cabin and partied for an entire evening?

I am not one to get starstruck, but Dr. Gonzo?! Now that’s being in the presence of greatness, and she didn’t even seem to have recognized it for what it truly was. Oh yeah, she said, I met him, but I didn’t see him much after that. Who cares? She met him. She saw him, in the flesh, and was able to reconcile the man with the myth, and seemed completely nonplussed. What I wouldn’t give to have been her for that one moment. Instead, I served tea to a complete asshole B-rate star, and almost ran over Kelly Lynch on my bicycle when I was 16. Not comparable. Not in the least.421b1f5f5eec5-35-1.jpg

~ by saltgirlspeaks on 19 July, 2007.

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