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Side Effects May Include Hallucinatory Itching

So I’m back to the Vicodin again. This time it’s my shoulder. Of course I have no idea what happened, as I’m prone to frequent mystery injuries, and this particular hurt, which I’m starting to think is a pinched nerve because my fingers keep hurting or going numb, could have come from pretty much anything I do on a regular basis (waitressing, bartending, sleeping screwed up in weird positions as though I’ve been dropped). It’s as though I’ve got the point of an arrow lodged in the center of my shoulder blade; when I move, the pain shoots down my arm. I tried to do the ‘child pose’ this morning in hopes to stretch something out, but when I stood up I could barely breathe due to the pain.

It feels like I’ve got a broken wing–but, then, I’ll be the first to tell you I’m no angel.

And the cold–this October chill which I so dearly love, which occasions the digging out of beloved sweaters and the excessive consumption of tea–the cold is crippling me with tension. I just want to stand in a hot shower for hours, but the water eventually runs cold, and there I am again. The sun comes out on the porch for a few minutes and I bask in it, letting it heat up the back of my black sweatshirt, and for a few minutes, the pain subsides.

So it goes.

By saltgirlspeaks

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4 replies on “Side Effects May Include Hallucinatory Itching”

Sorry about your shoulder pain. You should try putting a warm towel on the pain or Capscacin ointment. I heard it helps with pain a lot.

Before his death, one of the most enjoyable phrases Vonnegut used (repeatedly) was “so it goes”. There were a dozen or so variants, and the specific novel I have in mind escapes me – other than it was set in a post apocalyptic NYC. I read the book while exercising on my bike. Fond memories.

As a doctor (of sorts) I feel obliged to say this: You may need to do what I definitely need to do – get more relaxed and flexible. Working (then working some more) (then working again) is not going to make me live long. I took up yoga, started running again, tried to get more balance in my life, which coupled with one cool dude(ess) of a naturopath got me temporarily back into great shape. But who has the time these days? Now I’m slipping back. You too burn the candle at both corners. Maybe a shift is in order (although Spring’s a good time for change, so maybe spend the next few months contemplating change). Anyhow, ignore this meandering, it’s more squarely directed at me than you. But like Mr Mackay teaches us… “drugs are bad”… including hydrocodone.

And now candles have corners. So it goes.

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