Two Cents

When I heard last night on TV that Ralph Nader has thrown his hat into the presidential race again, I was appalled, again. Can’t the man take a hint? Doesn’t he realize that he and his dreadlocked, patchouli-stinking minions are the reason we’re stuck with George W. Bush? In an ideal world, perhaps his politics would be nice, but the plain truth is that he’s unelectable, and due to the fact that he’s an independent candidate and won’t be weeded out through delegate process, he’ll be in the final race if he chooses to be, which means that every vote cast for him is a vote cast for the Republicans. I can’t figure out if it’s pure egomania that keeps him going for it, or if in his delusional little mind he thinks he has a chance to win–or if perhaps he’s just a really good Republican decoy.

I’m almost as liberal as they come, and I’m damn ready for a change in our government, but I’m also smart enough to realize that change is not going to come from Ralph Nader. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of tree-hugging idealists who are not smart enough to realize that when they vote for him they’re voting for exactly the opposite of what they want.

Give it up, Ralph. The limelight’s shone on you one too many times, and it’s high time for you to do something that will help your supporters see the change they’re looking for: walk away.

~ by saltgirlspeaks on 26 February, 2008.

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