Family Nostalgia Observations

Happy Wednesday

My sister used to send Happy Wednesday cards, and my mother before her. For all I know, my grandmother sent them, too. For this reason, I’ve always been aware of Wednesdays, and the idea that they’re supposed to be happier than other days.

In my experience, there are happy days, and there are Happy Wednesdays–the Wednesdays somehow ending up better than normal happy (for no explicable reason). Today was just such a Wednesday, and I am grateful.

It was a mellow day, a wake up late and take your time day, a lazy, sit in the sun in the driveway like a lizard day. And at the end of it, before the sun expired, it was a great ride in the warm wind on the back of a damn sexy Harley day. Good vibrations, baby.

Sometimes I wish every day could be Wednesday. Maybe my mother had good luck with Wednesdays, too.