Attention Amateur (And Professional) Biologists!

Riddle me this, science geeks:

What is it about a swim in the salt water that makes the Salt Girl soooo sleeeeeepy? Is this phenomenon merely a psychosomatic reaction to the notion that such relaxing activity should never, ever be followed by work of any sort, or is there an actual scientific reason?

Please satiate my curiosity. I’m depending on you, as I don’t have time to research the concept, and by the time I get home from work at two a.m., I will have forgotten all about the nap I never had the chance to take.

By saltgirlspeaks

I am a ridiculous person. And so are you.

3 replies on “Attention Amateur (And Professional) Biologists!”

After scouring the internet for hours (ten minutes) the best explanation I could find was that it’s not the saltwater but the sun. The experts (a couple of yahoos on yahoo) say that being out in the sun while in the sea is what drains your energy and makes you feel tired. I also discovered that drinking saltwater or performing a saltwater enema is also supposed to make you sleepy. Strange…and disgusting. I think I’ll stick to keeping it “outside” my body to induce sleep.

Well, the thing is, I was only in the water for about five minutes, and I did not lie on the beach or stay out in the sun long at all. Maybe fifteen minutes total. But when I got home, it was like someone had slipped me a sleeping pill. Knowing that I hadn’t been in the sun long, I started to get curious… I still think it’s the salt water.

Maybe it’s osmosis? The saltwater is absorbed by the skin to equalize concentrations across the membrane, thereby recreating a full body saltwater enema, which causes the dropping eyelid syndrome. If you had been in the water longer than five minutes, I might have attributed the drowsiness to resistance. The heavy saltwater is opposed to the slightest movements of our bodies, unlike air (unless you’re walking in a hurricane). This resistance requires extra muscle exertion to overcome which wears us out faster.

Oh wait! Scratch all that shit. After reading further, I found out that the saltwater enema works by keeping water from filling the kidneys, so you don’t have to make as many trips to the bathroom at night. Once again, my theory has been shot to hell.

I give up! Had you been drinking, maybe? (Personally, I think your ‘brain trick’ reason makes the most sense)

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