Ode To An Archaic Beauty Regimen

Dear Mint Julep Masque:

I think perhaps it is the time involved in using you that makes the process feel so satisfactory. Because I am always rushing, it is seldom that I take the time to savor the tingly, face-pulled-tight feeling of a masque. In fact, I’m rushing so often that I seldom remember that I even possess the goop in the first place.

But I do, and I love you, masque. Because at the end of a long, sweaty shift (when I remember that I have you), there’s nothing better than cool, minty clay on my face. And though I know it’s not a miracle cure, I go to bed feeling convinced that I will wake up in the morning with boundless energy and blemish-free skin.

This is of course complete bullshit, because it’s August, and we are all destined to be exhausted and gross until at least Labor Day. But sometimes it’s necessary to feed even yourself a line in order to keep morale up. Right?

Hopefully one of these days I will manage to submerge myself in the actual OCEAN. Perhaps even tomorrow. In the mean time, I have a whole tube of green clay, and my face is so clean and tight that I feel like I’m twelve years old again.

Ha! Take that, August!

(Incidentally, I am not drunk).


~ by saltgirlspeaks on 15 August, 2008.

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