The Hives That Blind

Today I got salty. In the ocean. For really real.

It was great except the part where my legs broke out in hives. Yeah. I was the dumbass that shaved my legs before going to the beach, knowing full well that the salt water was likely to irritate them. BUT, this was not normal salt-sting razorburn. These were hives. Little, irritated angry welts all down both of my legs, front and back, raised up like little bubbles. And nowhere else on my body, not even the other places I shaved this morning. I was a little stoned and quite surprised, as I’ve never broken out in hives other than from handling shellfish, which I’m allergic to, and I’ve heard causes skin reactions in people who aren’t allergic.

There was a momentary panic, as a few people wondered whether I’d been stung by a beastly jellyfish, and I wondered what the HELL was in the water that would have caused that reaction. One theory was even that I’d had a very fast and serious reaction to the poison ivy in the dunes. I’m not particularly sensitive to poison ivy, so I dismissed that one right away.

I stared pointedly at them for a few minutes, trying to decipher if they were getting better or worse or staying the same and it was so bright that my eyes started to go fuzzy from the effort. After about five minutes I stopped caring and went back to enjoying the beach. Twenty minutes later, the hives were gone. I went back in the water and they didn’t come back.

SO weird.

Other than that, it was the most amazing day at the beach that I’ve had in several years. It actually felt like a day off. It even looked at one point like there was going to be a serious thunderstorm (yay), so when we were leaving it was like a mass exodus, with hundreds of people trudging along under a giant umbrella of really dark clouds, dragging our bizarre beach paraphernalia with us. It would have made for a very interesting photograph if taken from the overlooking cliff.

Whew. Back to work tomorrow. And boo, no thunderstorm.

~ by saltgirlspeaks on 20 August, 2008.

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