Putting The Cement Galoshes Away

It’s been five days since I’ve slept till noon, maybe six (I don’t remember when I got up on Friday). For those of you who know me, them’s impressive statistics.

I know it’s largely seasonal, but I feel good about this whole experiencing morning thing. Today, I got up at nine and had coffee on my deck (the sun spot, oh yes) with a friend who lives down the street. I’ve had a couple of cups of coffee, eaten breakfast, ordered a new bike seat, done laundry–and it’s only 11:30. Normally, I wouldn’t be dragging myself out of the cocoon of comforters for at least another hour.

I work at four, which means I’ve got about four more hours of “my time” before I have to go in–but when I do go today, I know I’ll want to be there. It’s that kind of day, the kind where work is just another thing that makes me smile, and I’ll be happy to see almost everyone that walks in the door (as the money piles up in my jar). The shift will go by quickly, and I’ll leave with a pocketful and the knowledge that I’ll appreciate my day off tomorrow more because I worked today*.

I’ve also been reading for the last couple of days, which hadn’t been happening for a while. Getting up early? Reading books? Looking forward to work? Well by god, I must be happy. As further proof of my contentment, my room is mostly clean and I didn’t want to turn away when I looked in the mirror this morning.

And for the first time in many, many weeks, I do not have an urgent desire to run away. Not today, not yesterday. And hopefully, not tomorrow.

*Providing that there are no inescapable encounters with assholes or inexplicable boss tantrums to be dealt with*


~ by saltgirlspeaks on 20 May, 2009.

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