The Perfect Midnight Snack (or a great 5 minute dessert idea)

The Salt Girl’s Lazy Strawberry Shortcake

2 Eggo toaster waffles (Buttermilk or Homestyle)*
Fresh Strawberries
Breyer’s Natural Vanilla ice cream

-Toast the waffles to a deep golden brown–maybe a touch crispier than you usually like them.
-Spread a generous layer of butter on each waffle, then stack them.
-Finely slice several strawberries, covering the waffles completely.
-Add two average sized scoops of ice cream.
-Garnish with a strawberry and a sprig of mint (if you happen to have mint).

*You may want to be wild and use blueberry or cinnamon waffles, but I’m a purist on this one.

[There’d be a picture here, but I ate the shortcake before I thought to write about it]


~ by saltgirlspeaks on 12 July, 2009.

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