It has been brought to my attention that I talk entirely too much, and have a tendency to dominate conversations. Also to repeat myself and not realize I’ve done so.

Sorry, world. I don’t think you’re stupid, or not worth listening to, or anything like that, I promise. And I don’t think I’m that cool, either.

Guess I need to do more talking on paper and less of it out loud. I’ll be workin’ on that.

~ by saltgirlspeaks on 26 October, 2010.

One Response to “Talk-o-matic”

  1. whatever. At least you have something to say. I have been told the same thing my entire life. I’d rather have too much to say than nothing at all. I’d rather think out loud and communicate to others than keep everything to myself all the time and not be a thinker. So you’re not boring. There are worse things 🙂

    love, another person who talks waaaaaay too much

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