Heckle and Jekyll Visit Crazy Town

I have two friends, former coworkers at a disorganized nightmare of a restaurant, visiting me this week in Key West.

In the past five days, we have:

Gone sailing
Stayed out until four a.m. almost every night
Worn a pink wig and a corset (me)
Found two sets of mannequin parts on the street, left out for the trash collector (the first set was stolen)
Broken, thrown and lost flip-flops (all John, the same night)
Pushed over a stove left out for trash collection (John)
Spraypainted said stove with neon-pink spray paint (Me and Dan)
Eaten homemade traditional South African food
Re-named mine and my roommate’s apartment Planet Simonton (sim-on-ton)
Puked on Duval Street (Dan, and not from drunkenness, oddly enough)
Become much better friends (the four of us–Dan, Me, John, and my roommate Jon) than we already were
Gotten very mildly sunburned

and oh so much more

New friends are great, but the old ones are so much easier to hang out with.

I’m looking forward to the perpetual Northern Invasion. Three weeks or so: Darcie. Crazy happy artist freak. So excited.


~ by saltgirlspeaks on 4 January, 2011.

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