Did You Miss Me?

So I’ve been without reliable Internet since the end of February. (You didn’t think I’d split for that long on purpose, did you??) But I just discovered that–of course!– my blog server has an app for iPhone. God, I’m disgusted with myself for even saying it.

But there it is. How 21st century of me: I’m writing my blog from my phone.

I’m back. And for the next year-plus at least, you’re stuck with me. Me, and my niece’s Manx cat, who is such a completely insane animal that you’re sure to read about him frequently. He’s half-rabbit and 100% out of his mind.

His name is Osho. He sees ghosts.

Osho can have more fun chasing a plastic portion cup across the floor than Charlie Sheen could have in the biggest little whorehouse in Vegas. And, like Charlie, he leaves a disproportionate trail of destruction in his wake. Anything that isn’t glued down is in imminent peril.

3 a.m. most nights, Osho and I are the only ones awake in the neighborhood. I talk to him more than I ought to. I also find myself hysterically laughing… alone. I’m convinced that the cat is the reincarnation of someone who did a LOT of drugs: Timothy Leary, maybe, or Hunter Thompson. I’d say Keith Richards, but Keith–miraculously and yet unsurprisingly–is still alive.

Perhaps this cat’s antics will entice me to really learn how to use the “videocamera” feature on my fancy phone. YouTube, here we come.

Aside from the cat, I’ve felt compelled recently to write about music, and art, and food. Also, I started writing a book while I was in Puerto Rico this spring– I might share some of that, too. Then again, I might not.

Either way, I’ve found a way to continue sharing my narcissistic wee-hours blather with the interwebs. So I’ll write something legitimate soon. I hope.

Happy Summer,

~ by saltgirlspeaks on 24 June, 2011.

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